by Dr. Sherry Cooper

Canadas Jobless Rate Remains at 40 Year Low

Statistics Canada announced this morning that employment increased by a stronger than expected 32,300 in March, driven by full-time job gains. The unemployment rate was unchanged at a four-decade low of 5.8% indicating that the economy is at or near full employment.

by RateSeer Staff

1st Mariner Bank is now part of Howard Bank

While updating the extensive RateSeer database of lenders and banks in the Baltimore, Maryland area, we learned that the 1st Mariner Bank and the Howard Bank merged. The information provided below was copied from the Howard Bank Welcome web page.

by Tracy Valko

Improving Your Credit Score

Your credit score is a big factor when you apply for a mortgage. It can dictate how good your interest rate will be and the type of mortgage you qualify for.

by RateSeer Staff

The Bank of Canada raised its key lending rate

The Bank of Canada raised its key lending rate to 1.25 on January 17, 2018. This is the highest the benchmark rate has been since 2009. What does this mean and how will it impact Canadians? Following the BOC rate increase, Canada's biggest 5 Banks - Scotiabank, TD Canada Trust, RBC, BMO and CIBC - all raised their prime lending rate by a quarter percentage. The amount of interest paid on loans including mortgages, a line of credit, or a personal loan will increase. Inversely, the increase in the BOC key lending rate will positively impact savers because the amount earned on savings accounts, including GICs and personal savings accounts, will increase.